Saturday, 25 August 2012

My childhood bedroom

Sometimes you run out of ideas to post about. And sometimes the idea's there, but there's no one pushing you to do it. So you slack (atleast I do!).
Iuliana over at hip2thrift has come up with a wonderful idea:

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It's a great way to get over that 'blogger's-block' and also have something unexpected to write about. So here's the first prompt:

So, my childhood bedroom. I haven't had just the one bedroom, 'coz of all the moving we did. We moved thrice when we were in Riyadh itself, then we moved to Jeddah, then back again after a couple of years. My current bedroom here in Mumbai doesn't qualify I suppose, 'coz I'm not a child anymore (so they say!).

I always shared the room with my older brother. I know most people want a separate room, but I'm glad we shared the rooms for those few years. 'Coz we had so much FUN together! I did a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise done. Like riding a bicycle in the room. And both of us falling of 'coz he tried a wheelie. ;) I remember the one time we were playing with his cars and we decided that there had to be an accident. A horrible one, mind you. So I graciously suggested we use one of my Barbies as a victim. I went and picked her up by her legs and spun around to hand her over to him. I still don't know how or why, but her head flew off her neck in that moment and flew across the room and landed right on the 'road'. (I'm guessing he must have broken her neck at some point, but I didn't really notice 'coz I hardly played with her.) Anyway, there was a lot of unreasonable giggling after that. Aah! The good times. 

Anyhoo, my favourite room was in the house we were in before shifting to Jeddah. The room was huge, it had a loooong balcony, huge windows, and loads of space to play around in. We played cricket, hide 'n seek, a weird game where we tried to kill each other with make-believe swords, and loads of other things. I even learned to skate in there! The balcony was absolutely awesome, especially when it rained. There wasn't much in the room itself, just our cupboards, two beds, and side tables. The rest was our playground. ;)

A traditional majlis
Oh and the room in the house before that was nice too. We played a lot of Crystal Maze in there. A few crystals had come off from some chandelier, so we would take turns hiding them and the clues in the room. I still wish I could have been a part of the real one too. There was a time when we were getting rid of the majlis from our sitting room, and all of them were piled up in the passage, waiting to be taken out. An awesome idea struck, and we built a two-floored maze with all the flat pieces and took turns crawling through it to get the crystal and being timed. It was a bit wonky, but awesome! :)

Writing all this just reminds me of all the great times we've all had as a family. Alhamdulillah for such an awesome childhood, and for such amazing parents. :)


  1. Aw...I love it when we write about something totally random, it brings us to good feelings such as of gratitude. Awesome writing too!

  2. Reading this i remembered my childhood and the shifting we did, leaving friends and changing houses ....... hmmmmmm nostalgicccccccccc......GOOD!! KEEP GOING

    1. Yea, leaving friends was the hardest part of it all.
      Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  3. Thanks for visiting me!

    I actually got someone else to design my blog for me :)

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  4. Great one dear.....nostalgic. ...;)

    1. Esha! Isn't it? I really do miss those days.
      And thanks for commenting, made my day :)


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