Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Paper Beads!

Yep I know, doesn't sound too glamorous, but paper beads can be so cute! It's a great way to recycle old paper and doesn't need too much of an investment. Like these beads I made from a magazine page :) I just love the purple and yellow on it! The other side of the page had a yellow and red theme, and that was what I had been aiming for. But my mind was wandering (as usual!) when I started rolling, so I ended up with this:

Which wasn't so bad after all ;)

I was trying paper beads for the first time, but I ended up rolling so many, that I didn't know what to do with them. Until I remembered the bronze hearts I had found in a bead store. Got a whole pack of 'em [yes, I have a thing for hearts :) ]. Anyway, so I threaded the beads onto a chain, added a heart, and a couple of glass beads and voila!

Baby steps!

Books, jewelry making, baking, scrapbooking, sketching, stitching...yep, it's a long & crazy list! It's probably a genetic thing, but I've this 'I can make that' streak in me, which means that I tend to pick things up in shops and put 'em back, 'coz well, I CAN MAKE THAT ! :)
And it also means that I have a huge to-do list (did I mention my lazy streak?) of all kinds of stuff. I intend to start posting about all the awesomeness that handmade things are, and at the same time keep track of my projects ;)
I'm hoping this blog keeps me on my toes and off my bed. 'Coz there's so much to do (and so less time)!!

PS- I've spent so much time reading blogs and webpages by crafters, and it's amazing what all these ladies come up with (esp. since most have had no formal training in their crafts). Inspiring and exciting!

PPS- Still new to this blog thing, so please overlook any mess-ups :) Comments are always welcome! x
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