I feel so special. Writing about myself. =)

I'm Shazia. Or Sabin. Or Fatima. Friends usually call me Shazia, some relatives use Sabin, and my dad and the rest of the relatives use Fatima. It's a looong story, and I've repeated it way too many times. So just pick the name you like and use it. :) It can get embarrassing though. Because I always have to analyse the situation before telling someone my name. Especially at weddings.

Auntyji : "What's your name beta?"
"Uhhm...Sh-Sabin." I threw in a huge smile to counter the weird look she gave me.
And just when she was beginning to believe that I'm normal, up walked a friend with a huge "Shazia! There you are!!" and dragged me away. Five minutes later I noticed the suspicious old lady whispering something into some other auntyji's ears and then both of them eyeballed me for a few seconds.
I hope, for her sake, that she solved the mystery before the night ended. For my sake too.

Moving on. I always want to learn how to make something rather than buy it. Be it something to wear, something to eat or even something to sleep on. Not always a good thing, since I now have a really big list of things I want to learn, leave alone do.
A few more months before I get done with my fashion and accessory design diploma. And then InshaAllah Masters in English Lit. Ofcourse, home too. And shawarma. Woohoo!! =]

My happy things:
Anything chocolate.
Baked goodies.
Sewing/Craft/Baking supplies.
Islamic/Recipe/How-to books.
Bags and Footwear.
Other pretty things. ^.^
If you would like to send me something (because I'm so awesome), the above list will be pretty useful. ;)

I've recently gone on a Stephanie Plum collecting spree. It's a fictional series by Janet Evanovich and it's lol-funny. I usually have this silly grin on my face when I'm reading it, and that's just to hold the even sillier giggles in.
I don't know why, but most of the writers I love have names starting with a J.
Jane Austen
Janet Evanovich
Jude Deveraux
Julie Garwood
Jeffrey Archer
John Grisham
See what I mean?

At first I thought I would write only about the accessories that I come across or make. But slowly I've realised that I can't shut myself up once I start writing, especially if it means that I can go off-topic. So there shall be lots of mad rants and a few 'deep' thought-provoking posts sprinkled in between. I know I'm going to enjoy writing nonsense, so please, smile and join in on the fun. =) xx

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