Monday, 9 April 2012

Homesick rant

Aah the wonders of Skype! I've always loved video chats. They always remind me of the whole concept of 'so close, yet so far'. Yes, I find that intriguing. Most of the time, that is.
I mean it's all perfectly fine when your parents chat away with you while they're sitting in their room, or the hall or where ever else the light doesn't suck. But when they choose to sit in your old bedroom (which btw, has been gleefully taken over by your younger brother), and you can see your cupboard and desk and other stuff, then it's...well, distracting. Especially when your current room isn't exactly great. (My mom says she feels nauseous every time she sees it. But then she's a mom.)
But today, it was just plain annoying. Why? Because there is something in that cupboard that I really need. And with it right in front of my face, it was a little difficult to explain to myself that I couldn't put my hand through the screen and just take the damn thing! Not that I tried to or anything.
All I'm saying is, if apparition isn't possible, then we should be allowed to have magical fireplaces. Or, at the very least, a two-way cupboard (see how things would work out then? Exactly.). :)

So yes, the rest of the exhib photos are still pending, but I assure you, that's not my fault. It's my laptop really. ;) It hangs so much that I tend to put off any extra work like transferring stuff from memory cards or usbs. But next post, you'll see the pictures InshaAllah. :) 
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