Sunday, 21 October 2012

Brown Sugar-Part 1: the 'not-really-a-backstory'

Devil's food cupcakes from Martha Stewart
Cupcakes. How cute are they? No, really. Sitting there like a little princess with a frosted tiara.
Ofcourse anything can look cute with a bit of work, but that's not the point. There's just something nice about not having to cut a slice of cake or pie, then put it on a plate and sit and eat it 'tameez se' (all prim and proper). Instead, you can just grab one and eat it wherever you like. But the best part? That its mine. All mine. You can't have that with a whole big cake, can you now? And the frosting! (I shall go into that in a bit).

Okay, so maybe those aren't good enough reasons. But there still is something about 'em that makes me smile when I see one.

I made Oreo cupcakes when I went home this time. And I almost threw out everything at one point. [More on that in the next post.] They turned out nice, just not as soft as usual. They hardened a wee bit when I left 'em outside for a few hours. A few seconds in the microwave softened them again, but I'm still not happy about that. I had made quite a few and took some to my friend S's new home, as a belated wedding half-present (I want to make something special for her, so that's the other half). There was a bunch of us at the party and the girls loved the cuppies. Sweethearts. :)

Oreo Cupcake
Which reminds me of the sugar overdose. S made gulab jamuns for us, and she served us with 3 each. They were really good, but 3 is a bit too much, especially when each is the size of a large egg. [Now, I get all sorts of advice and even force feeding from everyone I know 'coz I'm so skinny. Everyone's just looking for a chance to jump on me and go all, YOU NEED TO EAT MORE! I eat as much as my stomach can take folks. Anymore, and you'll start hearing rude noises; then don't blame me!] Phew! rant over.
So. I ate all 3 of 'em even though I was ready to burst (obviously, I ate a li'l more than usual during the dinner too), 'coz I didn't want to be the only one to leave some. Then, each and every one of my friends leaves at least one piece in their bowls. And then they talk about how full they are. The whole thing about walking a mile in someone else's shoes before speaking came to my mind, but that was just my inner drama queen. (who I easily ignore. Usually.) Anyhoo, they were all sweethearts and gobbled down the cupcakes without a word. 'Coz that's what friends do. Eat when you tell them to. ;)

Moving on; the frosting. This is what makes the cupcake people! Atleast for me.

Pic and recipe: Martha Stewart
I feel so awesome when I am piping away, sorta like a professional pastry chef (with comparatively sad piping skills). And that means that I never let anyone eat a cupcake without the frosting (or icing. which one's right? I really don't know!). I have been known to snatch 'em from my brothers' hands, pipe some on, dress 'em up a bit more, then hand 'em back like I just saved their lives.

I started off this post to write about brown sugar. I thought I would mention the cupcakes a bit, and then move on to that. Apparently not. Part 2 will be up soon inshaAllah.

PS- How cool are these?
Oreo truffle stuffed cupcakes.
Recipe and instructions at Love-From-The-Oven
Who wants one?



  1. Haha people always assume I don't eat too because I have a super fast metabolism. If only they knew how much I have to eat to keep my metabolism going !?! The cupcakes look delicious

  2. The cupcakes look awesome!!! i wish i cud have some!! :(
    And ya fr the record ...... i luv ur inner drama queen!!!! its because of her dat my day is made usually nd your posts are a hit!!!! :D

  3. Mmmm chocolate cupcakes, the best! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from My Froley. Peace to you.

  4. wow cupcake looks yummmmmm! thanks for sharing . I am your new follower......

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  6. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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