Saturday, 25 August 2012


Meet my new love, Ruffles. Singular. As in "Ruffles is so cute". ;)

I absolutely love pink and brown combos, so I didn't think twice before picking up this fabric. And it helped that it was pretty cheap ;). Also, my latest obsession with ruffles. I've been making them for everything! Flowers, ruffled edges,'s a ruffle overdose waiting to happen.

I'm actually relieved that I've finished making this clutch 'coz I started it 2 months some time ago. I had completed half of it when I got stuck at the turning it inside out part. Everything was just sliding around insanely! It took me 2 days of fighting it before I finally put it aside to focus on more important things [pending submissions!]. Just two days before Eid, I stumbled across this poor incomplete thing, looking all sad and lonely, so I took it out to show it some love. [Ramadan does bring out the nice in you! ;) ]. Since my parents were here, I showed it to them. And mom taught me some major assembling skills, while dad reminded me of the importance of common sense (as usual). And then my dad suggested the double top-stitching. Which I love!

I still have to get used to the sewing machine though. It's nice, but kinda old. Ancient, really. An aunt passed it down to me recently, when she got a new one. I was so excited about having a sewing machine of my own that I didn't care what it looked like. I didn't even care about the fact that the socket for the foot was beyond repair. I got a handle fixed to the 'steering wheel' and it felt brand new to me.

Until the steering wheel [yes, I do call it that] started falling off after every few hours of stitching. By now I've gotten used to stopping at intervals and tightening the screw as I go along. But mommy dearest told me I could complete her work for her 'coz she had better things to do. I can't wait to move back home so I can buy an awesome one for myself. Preferably with embroidery options. And maybe a separate sewing room as well. I'm drooling already. Which is a good way to sign off, since we can continue drooling in the next yummy post. ;)

Lots of ruffled love :)


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    1. Thanks for dropping by.
      Heading over to your blog right now! :)

  2. This is so cute! So excited to be following you back! I sew too. All the best- Monica

  3. Hello! I'm your newest follower from The Blog Hop. I love the clutch you made, it's really cute. When you get a chance please stop by website

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    1. Thank you :) Can't wait to check out your site!

  4. Wow what a creative products...I love Art n Crafts always...

  5. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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