Saturday, 25 August 2012

My childhood bedroom

Sometimes you run out of ideas to post about. And sometimes the idea's there, but there's no one pushing you to do it. So you slack (atleast I do!).
Iuliana over at hip2thrift has come up with a wonderful idea:

Check out the full post here
It's a great way to get over that 'blogger's-block' and also have something unexpected to write about. So here's the first prompt:


Meet my new love, Ruffles. Singular. As in "Ruffles is so cute". ;)

I absolutely love pink and brown combos, so I didn't think twice before picking up this fabric. And it helped that it was pretty cheap ;). Also, my latest obsession with ruffles. I've been making them for everything! Flowers, ruffled edges,'s a ruffle overdose waiting to happen.
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