Friday, 6 July 2012

Crochet Crazy

Whenever I would come across a piece of crochet work, especially lace trimmings, all I would think of is how boring complicated it looked. Now I can't get over how awesome it is! =)

That cutesy lil frock was the first thing I had crocheted. I was actually trying to follow instructions from a Youtube video on how to make a dishcloth. But the only thread I had was too thin for a dishcloth. The finished frock is roughly the length of my forefinger. Also, the rows started tapering towards the top; I'm still not quite sure what I did wrong. [or right! 'Coz I've tried making this again, but just haven't been able to consciously taper it. Ugh!] I ended up with a trapeze like thing, which sort of looked like a tank-dress. So I added sleeves, the scallop trim at the bottom and Yay! One frock, and an unreasonably proud me. =)

I wasn't too sure what I would do with it. Until I saw the key-rings I had. Also, had no idea how to finish a crocheted piece, so I simply pulled the extra threads towards the back of the frock and stuck 'em all there with fabric glue (!). That is how clueless I was. [Not any more though! The other pictures in this post are evidence of my increasing 'talent' ;) . Thanks to the people who put up tutorials on Youtube. Those are some awesome ladies!]
So that explains the pink felt on the back, although I think it actually adds to the cuteness (pinky pink!).

Here are the rest of the things I've tried recently. I've been finding it difficult to put the hook down, and I'm running out of yarn. Which means a trip to the store! Which means bead store, chains store, lace store, purse-making supplies store, whatever-else-I-come-across-store. I always want to check out as many stores as is super-humanly possible in one trip, since they're all located in the back of beyond. Okay, it's just on the other side of town, but in Mumbai, that means four insanely tiring hours of travel (at the very least). Not to forget the crowded buses and the trains. So, unless someone offers to take me there in a chauffeured limo, once every few months will have to do. I try to think of it as God's way of saving my money, which obviously would flow easily had the stores been more accessible. After all, who else knows my weaknesses better? =)

So, pictures. Yes. [See what I meant about going off-topic?]

Stuffed heart bagcharm
The first pattern I came up with. And promptly forgot.
I need to learn how to read the patterns from the made pieces!
Tried a bit of finger crochet
Reminds me of Minnie Mouse. The colours I guess!
Cute lil brooches.
These bows are so quick and simple, that you can't help but make lots!

The second pattern that I tried making up. I had the good sense to write it down this time.

That's it. And yes, I do have a thing for hairbands.
I'm working on a clutch right now. Let's see how it turns out, since I'm not using any pattern; just making it up as I go. Yes, that's me, all adventurous and brave! A couple of days InshaAllah and then you'll see exactly how awesome I am. =)

Speaking of awesome, here's a blog for crochet fans. Enjoy! xx


  1. The charm is so cute!!
    Cheers from Bangalore, India

    1. Aww thanks! and thanks for dropping by =) You have an awesome blog, so it's an honour!

  2. :) these are adorable! I tried to crochet once but it was a fail! My favorite is the little keychain dress you showed at the top - so cute, I love that you didn't mean for that to happen at first! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - following back :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

    1. Thank you Brie! I love that dress, especially since it encouraged me to try more crochet, 'coz I was about to give up too. You should try again, maybe this time you'll get the hang of it :)


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