Wednesday, 27 June 2012


So. It's been quite a while. Well, there's my design portfolio, which is making me really irritable and anxious. I also have a huge list of accessories to make for submission. Here's what I realised loooong back: Procrastination really isn't a good idea. Note- I realised that, now I just have to understand it. *sigh*

Camera's gone kaput, so I can't click anything pretty. Stupid thing refuses to focus. Or when it does focus, it refuses to click the picture. -.-

This month's been pretty eventful otherwise.
For starters, it has been just my elder brother and me for two months (Yes. Two whole months of feeling all grown-up and responsible).Then there have been a few kitchen disasters. Like the episode of the spicy Oreo milkshake. Looks can be oh-so-deceiving. Remember, just because it looks yummy doesn't mean it can't taste gross. My brother and I forced down half of our shakes, then dumped the rest into the sink. The only place where the spice could have come from was the blender. Someone else must have used it earlier for chillies, and didn't wash 'em properly. Oh well! And then the time when I emptied a whole bottle of soya sauce into a batch of fried rice. Ugh.

I've been doing it a loooot of 'proper' cooking (by my standards). Infact I've been spending too much time in the kitchen. While my mum is super proud, I feel slightly offended by how proud she is. She can't believe I have been doing the things that I have. She had been trying to convince us to hire a cook, but we 'convinced' her that we would manage.(I told her I wouldn't let any 'cook' enter my home as long as I am alive. She told me I was being too dramatic. My dad told her to let us be. She told him to keep out of it if he didn't want to side with her. I pulled a few puppy faces. She gave up.) Although not before reminding us how we would starve to death. She'll be coming over in a few days and I can't wait to show off. :D

Oooh! I also had a fun night wrapping up a gift and making chocolates for a friend. Since it was a last minute thing, I didn't have a box for the chocolates. But I had recently read a few tutorials for making boxes, so I got out some old newspapers and tried out a pattern. And I got it right in the first go!! *pat on back*. =] That's the small box with the bow. The only problem was the paper. Since I realised pretty late at night that I would have to make the box, I had to use whatever paper I had. And it was a lil flimsy. But I absolutely LOVE the colour combo!

Time to get back to portfolio sketching. Education has a way of making you dislike things that you otherwise loved. I never thought I'd say this, but these days I don't feel like picking up my pencils. -.- I hope it doesn't last!


  1. Thanks for stopping by at my blog..
    your blog is such fun :)) Laughing here :))
    And can't wait to see more stuff from you ..

    PS: I feel the same way about my room at my parents'... and mom says the same things to me.. And I've been married 10 years this December and have 2 little girls.. :o)

    1. Aww thank you!! That's really sweet =)

      And congratulations on your 10 years. Lucky you, two lil angels to pass on your creativity to! :)

      PS- You can have 5 more kids, but your own mom will always be surprised by your competency. I'm very much unmarried, so I guess I'm still much more incompetent by their standards! ;)


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