Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time management and Crocheting

It dawned on me recently that I've been neglecting my poor blog shamelessly, and it's time I showered it with some attention (and kept it going). I have been busy with college and a bit of travelling in between, so I do have some excuses for when I'm feeling guilty about it. ;)

But I have been making stuff, if for no other reason than to complete my portfolio for Accessory design.

Now, here's the problem with all those crafty blogs online (the only problem, coz they're awesome otherwise!): you don't realise how much time you end up spending glued to the screen, ooh-ing and  aah-ing over all the yummy stuff around. And since there's only 24 hours in a day (sigh!), blog-stalking days (for lack of a nicer term) tend to translate into otherwise sadly unproductive ones. Speaking of time, here's a watch/necklace I made a few days ago :) (will put up a proper picture soon)

See? I don't always waste time (pun totally intended) ;)

So here's my newest resolution (yes, I make one every few weeks, then trash it)- finish all assignments asap, then get back to blogging big-time! InshaAllah ;) Which also includes doing some design changes to it, including the ugly header.

And I'll leave you guys with this clever picture of a teeny-weeny dress I crocheted yesterday. Why clever? Because it looks good that's why. not because I've managed to hide the loopholes ofcourse.

Except for the few holes that are still visible. I learned to crochet just a couple of days ago (and I'm hooked!), so I'm going to ignore my mom's sad smile and all you expert crocheters' grimaces and just feel proud of myself! =) Although any tips would be welcome ofcourse.


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