Thursday, 29 March 2012

Exhibit A (kind of)

I didn't realise how hectic an exhibition can get! What with the travelling for materials, and the packaging (more on that later), and the sleep deprivation, things can get a bit weird. But it's all been worth it. All the genuine appreciation :) And when a friend buys a whole bunch of your stuff! That's when you know for sure that she had actually meant it when she went all "omg, that's so awesome!". So, thank you Swati :)

Here's a li'l peek into the goodies before I put up the rest of the pictures:

Thread wrapped bangles and a wooden one with a bracelet

A bit of painting (polka dots and yellow beads) in this one
[note to self: wrapping a dozen bangles in fine thread is not a very practical idea.] 

I had left the packaging for the last day, and as usual, I assumed that I would be done in a couple of hours and then to bed it is! My bed and I have a very close relationship you see. It doesn't let go of me until I spend atleast 10 straight hours with it. So you can imagine how I felt about neglecting it for two- yes, TWO- whole days. Anyhoo, due to my compulsive need to make sure that each and every thing is perfecto (aah, I love Spanish, don't you?!), I ended up doing the packaging all through the night and then just having enough time to get ready and shoot out the door. Its just that I didn't simply want to pop the stuff into the packets and be done with it. Oh no, not me! I have to make things more difficult than they already are! And hence the tiny yarn hearts and paper cutting and punching and glitter and ribbons (polka dots! ♥) and...well you get the idea. But who can say no to that kind of cuteness?! Turns out, not many people :). It's been a good couple of days Alhamdulillah

My baby! Everyone seems to have fallen in love with it. Including yours truly. Considering the amount of time that was spent on making it (seriously mind-numbing activity!), I would have to be dumb to not like it, but not everyone's so biased are they? Oh and it's a belt, for those who think it's a necklace; although even that would look nice :) Made it in four colour combinations, although this one's my fave. The best part about making these belts were the trips to the lace shop *wink wink*. I recently discovered this shop near home and its absolutely awesome! While they have an amazing variety of all kinds of laces and embellishments, there's also a whole load of interesting jewellery making material. And their employees know their stuff and are real sweethearts. Need I say more?
A close-up of the dangling thingies. How adorable is the mesh heart?!

More pictures in the next post. Until then, go check out this awesome necklace refashion. And once you're there, you might as well check out the rest of her gorgeous doings. Have fun :)

PS- Don't wonder too much about the choice of the post title. A small part of me always wanted to be a lawyer. Or maybe just Nancy Drew ;)


  1. Awesome post! and awesome work!:) keep going!

    P.s. you are most welcome :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!! =)

  2. As always.... awesome work .... :)
    my personal favorite is dat red bracelet .... nd also luvd dat mesh heart!!! :)

    1. haha, I'm surprised you liked something so girly ;)
      And ofcourse, I love you xx

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